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Bicycle Suspension Analysis featured

Bicycle Suspension Analysis and Optimization presented in Seville

Title: Kinematic Analysis and Optimization of Bicycle Suspension Force exerted at the pedals of a bike cause an increase in vertical ...
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An Example of an Overhead Feed System

Machine Design for Stenner Saw Mills

Jody Muelaner has a wide range of experience in the design of industrial machinery. This has involved kinematic and structural ...
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Photo Rendered Image of Design

Design of Plastic Lighting Enclosure for GDS

Jody Muelaner supported Global Design Solutions (GDS) in designing a new LED lighting product. This design was considered aesthetics, ease of ...
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Rendered Image of Flame Effect Fire

Consumer Electric Heater Development for Electric Fires Technology

Design Brief This development work began with a concept for a more realistic flame effect. Previous electric fires had used ...
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Axisymmetric Finite Element Model of Pressure Vessel

FEA Failure Analysis of Pressure Vessel

Customer Profile and Brief CypherCo are a manufacturer of specialist fluid transfer products for the beverage and agro-chemical industries world-wide. I ...
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Linear Finite Element Analysis for Localized Model

FEA Contact Analysis of Biomedical Device for SRA Developments

Analysis Brief SRA Developments are a leading innovator of ultrasonic medical devices. I carried out a detailed non-linear 3D surface contact ...
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