Freelance Writing

My writing is in demand because I make complex topics easy to understand. My expertise in advanced manufacturing means you can rely on me to get the facts right. I contribute to publications ranging from popular web articles to academic papers and industrial reports:

  • is a leading site in the metrology niche with over 28,000 visitors annually
  • 2 NPL reports published by UK Government
  • 14 articles in peer-reviewed journals with a SAGE best paper award
  • 22 papers presented at international conferences
  • 23 proprietary reports for Airbus, GKN Aerospace and Rolls-Royce
  • Many popular articles and webinars for sites such as, SAE international and

Making the complex clear…

I can make advanced topics easy to understand and captivate your readers with cutting-edge engineering news. If you want to know more then please get in touch.

Recent articles…

Manufacturing a Carbon Revolution

There has been huge excitement in recent years about new forms of carbon such as graphene, carbon nanotubes and Buckminsterfullerene ...
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3D Scanner Designed for Fully Automated Inspection Begins Testing

A novel optical 3D scanner called the Hexagon Blaze 600A has been developed to overcome conventional issues with the noncontact ...
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AI closes the loop for composites manufacturing

Researchers are developing ways of using machine learning to adjust process parameters in automated composites manufacturing. This is removing the ...
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An instrument going from ‘Big Science’ to large-scale manufacturing

Frequency Scanning Interferometry (FSI) was invented to measure movements of the detectors in the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Now ...
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How Gage Studies Can Get it Wrong

A gage study involves real measurements of a calibrated reference, so many people feel it is a completely reliable metric ...
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Sensitivity Coefficients in Uncertainty Budgets

This article follows on my previous introductions to uncertainty and uncertainty budgets. It goes into more detail about some of the ...
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Gage Studies and Gage R&R on

If you’ve ever been involved with an industrial measurement process, chances are you’ve come across Gage studies and in particular ...
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Calculating Your Uncertainty Budget… on

This is a detailed article explaining how you can calculate an uncertainty budget. It follows my previous introduction to Metrology and ...
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An Introduction to Metrology and Quality in Manufacturing on

In this detailed article, I  introduce the basics of maintaining quality. This involves quality assurance, quality control and metrology. We use ...
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