Dr Jody MuelanerI’m a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in machine design and advanced manufacturing. This site summarizes my research and recent projects.

Several popular pages provide information on quality, such as the basics of metrology and MSA, and how to perform a Gage R&R study in Excel. This material was developed during my time in advanced manufacturing research at the University of Bath.

I setup Muelaner Engineering Ltd in 2018 and am now engaged in the following activities:

  • Technical writing is currently my core business. My writing is well researched and technically accurate. It also has a clarity that makes complex subjects easy to understand. I’ve recently written major research reviews for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE International) covering topics such as additive manufacturing and automotive decarbonization pathways. I also write many short articles for magazines and websites.
  • Consulting:  I’ve carried out research and consultancy projects for clients ranging from large aerospace companies, such as Airbus and Rolls-Royce, to small local fabrication shops. Work has included the development of metrology assisted assembly processes, state of the art reviews, design for manufacture, and machine design.
  • Product development: Muelaner Engineering is now developing game-changing sustainability solutions, currently at the concept stage, watch this space…