Study of the Accuracy of Photogrammetry systems published in The Photogrammetric Record

Title: Comparative Performance between Two Photogrammetric Systems and a Reference Laser Tracker Network for Large-Volume Industrial Measurement

This study compared two photogrammetry systems against a laser tracker. This provides an independent study of the accuracy of photogrammetry systems.

Authors: O C Martin, S Robson, A Kayani, J E Muelaner, V Dhokia, P G Maropoulos

Published in: The Photogrammetric Record, 2016, Issue 31(155): p. 348-360

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Abstract: This paper determines the capability of two photogrammetric systems in terms of their measurement uncertainty in an industrial context. The first system – V-STARS inca3 from Geodetic Systems Inc. – is a commercially available measurement solution. The second system comprises an off-the-shelf Nikon D700 digital camera fitted with a 28 mm Nikkor lens and the research-based Vision Measurement Software (VMS). The uncertainty estimate of these two systems is determined with reference to a calibrated constellation of points determined by a Leica AT401 laser tracker. The calibrated points have an average associated standard uncertainty of 12·4 μm, spanning a maximum distance of approximately 14·5 m. Subsequently, the two systems’ uncertainty was determined. V-STARS inca3 had an estimated standard uncertainty of 43·1 μm, thus outperforming its manufacturer’s specification; the D700/VMS combination achieved a standard uncertainty of 187 μm.