Hybrid MSA and Uncertainty of Measurement presented in Seville, Spain

Title: A hybrid Measurement Systems Analysis and Uncertainty of Measurement Approach for Industrial Measurement in the Light Controlled Factory

This is the first time that a practical industrial method has been presented which combines the tools of MSA and Uncertainty Evaluation. You can download the full paper here.

Authors: J E Muelaner, A J Francis, M Chappell, P G Maropoulos

Conference: Second International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing, Seville, Spain, 12-14 April

Download the full paper: pdf link icon

It may also be useful to download a supporting Gage R&R spreadsheet in Excel.

Abstract: The uncertainty of measurements must be quantified and considered in order to prove conformance with specifications and make other meaningful comparisons based on measurements. While there is a consistent methodology for the evaluation and expression of uncertainty within the metrology community industry frequently uses the alternative Measurement Systems Analysis methodology. This paper sets out to clarify the differences between uncertainty evaluation and MSA and presents a novel hybrid methodology for industrial measurement which enables a correct evaluation of measurement uncertainty while utilising the practical tools of MSA. In particular the use of Gage R&R ANOVA and Attribute Gage studies within a wider uncertainty evaluation framework is described. This enables in-line measurement data to be used to establish repeatability and reproducibility, without time consuming repeatability studies being carried out, while maintaining a complete consideration of all sources of uncertainty and therefore enabling conformance to be proven with a stated level of confidence. Such a rigorous approach to product verification will become increasingly important in the era of the Light Controlled Factory with metrology acting as the driving force to achieve the right first time and highly automated manufacture of high value large scale products such as aircraft, spacecraft and renewable power generation structures. 2015 Conference Measurement