Dr Jody MuelanerI’m Dr Jody Muelaner, a Mechanical Engineer with expertise in metrology (the science of measurement) and advanced manufacturing. My site provides a lot of information on topics ranging from the basics of metrology and MSA to specific guides such as how to perform a Gage R&R study in Excel. You will also find details of my latest research, often including links to download the full peer-reviewed journal papers.

I currently offer the following services:

  • Consulting: Industrial research and consultancy projects have been carried out for clients ranging from large aerospace companies, such as Airbus and Rolls-Royce, to small local fabrication shops. Work has included the development of metrology assisted assembly processes, state of the art reviews, design for manufacture and machine design.
  • Training: I’ve run a wide range of courses in the past including intensive day courses for industrial engineers and modules for undergraduate and postgraduate students. I’m currently offering a 3-day metrology and quality foundation course.
  • Freelance writing: This website has been very successful in providing information on metrology, it was viewed by 28,000 people last year. Not bad for this specialized niche. I’ve therefore been approached by other sites asking me to write for them and this is now a service I offer.