Concepts for and Analysis of a High accuracy and High Capacity (HAHC) Aerospace Robot

Case study work carried out within the aerospace sector has highlighted the requirement

for highly accurate and high capacity robots in aerospace assembly, literature supports
this observation. This paper presents the generic capabilities of such a system. These
include the ability to rapidly locate its-self within a large measurement volume using
supplementary laser metrology systems, to carry out detailed inspection beyond the line
of sight, and to accurately locate parts, drill holes and fettle interfaces. The concept
presented is for a standardised robot which will provide a flexible automation system
able to carry out a full range of operations required in the assembly of large aerospace



J E Muelaner, Z Wang, P G Maropoulos

Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Bath, Bath, UK

Presented at

The 21st International Computer-Aided Production Engineering Conference

13-14 April 2010, Edinburgh

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