Concepts for and Analysis of a High accuracy and High Capacity (HAHC) Aerospace Robot

Case study work carried out within the aerospace sector has highlighted the requirement for highly accurate and high capacity robots in aerospace assembly; literature supports this observation. This paper presents the generic capabilities of such a system. These include the ability to rapidly locate itself within a large measurement volume using supplementary laser metrology systems, to carry out detailed inspection beyond the line of sight, and to accurately locate parts, drill holes and fettle interfaces. Concepts are presented for a standardized robot which would provide a flexible automation system able to carry out a full range of operations required in the assembly of large aerospace structures. Two possible solutions are detailed, one based on error mapping and one based on the physical isolation of encoders from structural loading using an exoskeleton approach.

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Muelaner, J.E., Z. Wang, and P.G. Maropoulos

Published in

IMechE, Part B: J. Engineering Manufacture, August 2011

Volume and page number information

255(8), p. 1393-1399



HAHC Robot Concept
HAHC Robot Concept

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