Design of Plastic Lighting Enclosure for GDS

Jody Muelaner supported Global Design Solutions (GDS) in designing a new LED lighting product.
This design was considered aesthetics, ease of use and
ease of manufacture in injection moulded plastic.
FEA was used to optimise the clip design.

Concept Design

Jody was asked to design an enclosure that would provide for the ready
interchangeability of filters. Working closely with GDS at the concept
design stage assisted selection of a solution that met all of their requirements. A
bespoke circlip arrangement was chosen to secure the lens while blending into the overall aesthetics and allowing
lens removal without tools.

Detail Design and FEA Analysis

Analysis of the circlip was carried out to ensure that it would flex in the correct way to allow removal of
the lens by hand while also ensuring that peak stresses did not result in a reduced service life. Fundamental stress analysis was compared to FEA results to ensure accuracy and a full understanding of the behaviour of the component.
The design of components also had to consider the limitations of single part moulds since cost of tooling excluded more complex designs.

FEA Analysis of Circlip Deflection
FEA Analysis of Circlip Deflection

Final Design Presentation

The finished design was presented as a series of fully rendered images. This
was requested to enable the marketing team at GDS to evaluate the design.

Photo Rendered Image of Design
Photo Rendered Image of Design

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