iGPS – An Initial Assessment Of Technical And Deployment Capability

The indoor Global Positioning System (iGPS) is an innovative measurement system consisting of a network of Rotary-laser automatic theodolites (R-LATs) which provide a factory wide coordinate measurement system. The primary benefits of the system are that a theoretically unlimited number of sensors are able to simulatiously detect position using signals from a common network of transmitters and that the sensors are able to automatically regain connection to the network following a disruption of the line of sight. The basic functionality of this system is described together with a brief overview of work to verify its performance.



J E Muelaner, Z Wang, J Jamshidi, P G Maropoulos, A R Mileham

Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Bath, Bath, UK

Presented at

3rd International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering.

2008: Kassandra-Chalkidiki, Greece.

Volume and page number information

p. 805-810

iGPS Angular Calibration Against Rotary Table
iGPS Angular Calibration Against Rotary Table

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