Study of the Uncertainty of Angle Measurement for a Rotary-Laser Automatic Theodolite (R-LAT)

This paper shows how the angular uncertainties can be determined for a rotary-laser automatic theodolite of the type used in (indoor-GPS) iGPS networks. Initially, the fundamental physics of the rotating head device is used to propagate uncertainties using Monte Carlo simulation. This theoretical element of the study shows how the angular uncertainty is affected by internal parameters, the actual values of which are estimated. Experiments are then carried out to determine the actual uncertainty in the azimuth angle. Results are presented that show that uncertainty decreases with sampling duration. Other significant findings are that uncertainty is relatively constant throughout the working volume and that the uncertainty value is not dependent on the size of the reference angle.


J E Muelaner1, Z Wang1, J Jamshidi1, P G Maropoulos1,
A R Mileham1, E B Hughes2, and A B Forbes2

1: Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath, Bath, UK

2: National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, UK

Published in

IMechE, Part B: J. Engineering Manufacture, 2008.

Volume and page number information

223(B3): p. 217-229






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iGPS Transmitter Centered on Rotary Table
iGPS Transmitter Centered on Rotary Table


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