Large Volume Metrology Instrument Selection And Measurability Analysis

Metrology processes used in the manufacture of large products include tool setting, product verification and flexible metrology enabled automation. The range of applications and instruments available makes the selection of the appropriate instrument for a given task highly complex. Since metrology is a key manufacturing process it should be considered in the early stages of design. This paper provides an overview of the important selection criteria for typical measurement processes and presents some novel selection strategies. Metrics which can be used to assess measurability are also discussed. A prototype instrument selection and measurability analysis application is presented with discussion of how this can be used as the basis for development of a more sophisticated measurement planning tool.



J E Muelaner, B Cai, P G Maropoulos

Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Bath, Bath, UK

Published in

6th International Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology. 2009: Hong Kong

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Instrument Selection Software
Instrument Selection Software

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