Measurability Characteristics Mapping for Large Volume Metrology Instruments Selection

Measurement and verification of products and processes during the early design is attracting increasing interest from high value manufacturing industries. Measurement planning is deemed as an effective means to facilitate the integration of the metrology activity into a wider range of production processes. However, the literature reveals that there are very few research efforts in this field, especially regarding large volume metrology. This paper presents a novel approach to accomplish instruments selection, the first stage of measurement planning process, by mapping measurability characteristics between specific measurement assignments and instruments.

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Cai, B., W. Dai, J.E. Muelaner, and P.G. Maropoulos
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath, Bath, UK

Presented at

7th International Conference on Manufacturing Research, 2010, Warwick, UK

In: Proceedings of the Advances in Manufacturing Technology – XXIII

Volume and page number information

Pages 438-442

Measurability Characteristics Mapping
Measurability Characteristics Mapping

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